About Us

Youssef MourraYoussef Mourra – [Director] – Head of PPM


Youssef is a top of the line P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) Practitioner, Consultant and Presenter. He has over 23 years’ experience in various countries. For the past 10 years, he has been based in Wellington and servicing customers and clients in NZ, Australia, India and other countries in the Asia Pacific region in both the private and public sectors.

Youssef recently completed an 8-year stint as Partner, Assistant Vice-President and Practice Manager for a large multinational consulting company. He led hundreds of consulting engagements ranging from complex project and program rescues, implementations of portfolio management, mobilisation of project offices, through to implementation of project management information systems.

His particular area of focus is working with organisations at the ‘C’ level to help develop methodologies, strategies and approaches to identify, prioritise and optimise a portfolio of projects and programmes which best help the organisation achieve its strategic outcomes. He is an excellent communicator at all levels of the organisation and is equally at home with all layers of governance and management. He enjoys the interaction with people in all assignments and thrives on the challenge of rescuing projects in trouble or solving a problem related to project, programme or portfolio management.

Youssef is recognised as a trusted advisor by many ‘C’ level executives and project offices throughout the APAC region. He has been a PRINCE2 Practitioner for the past 15 years and a member of the PMI in NZ for 9 years and has developed a good reputation for thought leadership with the OGC & PMI framework offerings. He has done this by taking established methodologies, processes and approaches and made them more practical and more pragmatic for use.

Tanya PalmerTanya Palmer – [Director] – Head of Sales


Tanya is a Senior Sales Executive with over 20+ years’ experience successfully selling technology and related services across the New Zealand, Australian and US markets.

Tanya’s conviction is that business requirements drive the technology solution- not the other way around.

This is supported with a well-defined capacity to identify and align clients emerging business needs with technology products and services.
Tanya’s background of sales management, service delivery, project management and business-development disciplines underscores her expertise in engaging decision makers and devising successful sales strategies and solutions.

Tanya’s uncompromising ethics and transparent communication skills underpin her business-focused value propositions that leverage competitive advantage through top quality service.


Katy Young – [Director] – Head of Consulting


Katy is a managing consultant with experience in P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project) consulting, process improvement, project management, operational management and organisational change management.

Katy loves working with clients to tailor solutions to their individual needs, providing a mixture of practicality and common sense with best practice to deliver fit for purpose processes and frameworks. She is committed to delivering excellence, with first-rate communication and documentation skills and a particular strength in building strong relationships within an organisation.

Her strong background in both projects and business operations mean she understands first-hand the pressures and intricacies of each discipline. Coupled with this comes wide experience in both the public and private sectors across all sizes of organisations.

Proven leadership capability and the ability to communicate effectively across a wide range of audiences enables Katy to quickly identify the area of focus and build relationships with key stakeholders and gather together resources in a collaborative manner to deliver the required outcome.

Nonsuch also utilises trusted associates, strategic partnerships and our excellent network of contacts depending on the size and location of an assignment.