Change Management

Sometimes referred to as the ‘soft’ side of change, Change Management is a structured process and toolset for managing the impact of change on people. If done carefully and sensitively, Change Management can be a key ingredient to the long term success of the change in a future state.

Managing effective change management across any change leads to the improvement of three key measures at the point of implementation:

  • Speed of adoption –how quickly change is adopted in the organisation
  • Utilisation rate –the overall level of participation
  • Proficiency–how people perform in a future state

Change Management at Nonsuch

At Nonsuch we utilise the Prosci® Change Management Methodology which is commonly known as ADKAR. This is an acronym outlining the 5 stages of individual change across three states:

  • Current State: Awareness & Desire
  • Transition State: Knowledge & Ability
  • Future State: Reinforcement.

By combining the science of an individual’s transition through change with an organisational Change Management approach, this methodology can provide support through a change in a targeted, customised, sensible and scalable way, following best practice based Change Management tools.

Why is Change Management important?

No matter your industry, change is rapid and constant in all workplaces across the globe. Change may be the result of a project or other organisational decision and can impact processes, technologies or organisational structure. Regardless of how the change has come about or the type of change, it is the people impacted by this change that will determine how quickly and how effectively the change achieves its outcomes and ultimately realises benefits for the organisation.

If change is not accepted and supported by those impacted, it will not be successful.

Change Management is the key to enabling your people to embrace, adopt and embed a change. If done well, it will lead to a faster and more effective shift from the current to a future state thereby driving project results, achieving outcomes and realising benefits.

A direct correlation has been proven between effective Change Management and meeting project outcomes. Because of this Change Management as a practice has become just as crucial to an organisation’s strategic change toolkit as Project Management.

How we can help you

At Nonsuch we have trained Prosci® Change Managers who can provide full change management support for your change or work with you to build your own change capability within the organisation.

Focusing on Outcomes

Nonsuch Consulting is focused on helping you deliver your stated outcomes. We look beyond the outputs (the solutions, the methodologies, the training courses etc.) and look ahead to ensure that your desired outcomes (stated objectives, strategic goals) are delivered.

To achieve this, we do our best to collaborate with you to better understand the current and desired capabilities within your organisation. We ensure that the right level of change management is assigned and then we work closely with you to make it happen.

Who we work with

Our clients are as diverse as business itself and cover energy, government and public sector, technology, telecommunications, transportation and utilities, amongst others.

  • Gisborne District Council
  • Farmlands
  • Trustpower
  • Calder Stewart
  • Powerco
  • AbacusBio
  • Gallagher
  • Vector
  • Z Energy