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  • Strategy - we offer a portfolio management solution that ensures that the realisation of your strategy is at the heart of the identification, qualification, prioritisation and selection of your entire collection of projects and programmes.
  • Benefits Management - Training, Benefits Identification, Benefits Quantification, Benefits Tracking and Benefits Realisation, Benefits Methodology, Investment Logic Mapping Facilitation
  • Change Management - ensuring your projects and programmes of work deliver the stated benefits to your organisation and to your people is fraught with risk. To help ensure against failing to deliver benefits, successful organisations adopt organisational Change Management
  • Process Improvement - Process improvement techniques are aimed at getting more out of what you’ve got by ensuring your processes are operating as efficiently as possible and delivering to your customer needs every time.
  • Portfolio Management - Portfolio Management is the art of managing the entire collection (or Portfolio) of programmes and projects in a typical organisation.
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management - Delivery, Rescue, Mobilisation, Methodology Development, Estimating, Stakeholder Engagement, Communication, Scheduling Management, Crash Costing, Risk Adjusted Budgeting, Independent Quality Assurance, Healthchecks
  • Project Office Management - PMO, PgMO and EPO Mobilisations, Project Office Reviews, Project Office Management Backfill, Outsourced Project Office Management
  • Project & Programmes Review
  • Dependency Management
  • Resource Management
  • Coaching – this is a service where we spend time with the coached as they perform key tasks in the project environment in real time. At the end of each meeting/activity/task, we will debrief the coached and provide feedback on aspects of the performance that could be improved and provide support where required. We can also provide support and advice in real-time only when previously agreed.
  • Mentoring – this is a service where we make ourselves available as required by the mentee in a private one-to-one situation. With mentoring, the mentee is encouraged to approach us with topics for assistance. We would then pass on our experience by discussing alternative approaches, solutions and other processes designed to transfer knowledge to the mentee. We can also develop a mentoring plan to develop capability in conjunction with the mentee and/or their manager.