How to Add Resources in Project Online

Start from your Home page and select Resource Centre from the left navigation bar.

You will be brought to this page:

Click the Resources tab at the top of the page to reveal the Resources Ribbon.

Click New.

You will land on this page:

Fill in the details of the resource you are adding. Let’s take a closer look at the options you are given.

First: Basic information about the resource. If they are a Work, Material, or Cost resource and their basic details.

Next you can enter detail about the resource, which calendar they will be working within and what their rates are.

You can also choose the department and role.

Resource formula custom fields are only updated in Project Professional. Changes made in Project Web App or external systems will not cause formulas for resource custom fields to be recalculated.

Users can’t be added to or removed from Project security groups that are synchronized with Active Directory Groups. If you need to add or remove a user, turn off this setting by editing the synchronized security group.

When you are done, click Save in the bottom right corner.

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