How to Create a Driver Prioritisation (Calculated)

Start from your Home page:

Select Driver Prioritisation from the Strategy section on the Left Navigation Screen

You will land on this page:

To add a new driver prioritisation, select New:

You will land on this page:

Give this new prioritisation a Name and an explanatory Description.

NOTE: It is useful to include the date in the name, and the name of the body of the people involved in the prioritisation in the description.

Enter the prioritisation required fields.

Select the appropriate Department if you are doing a Departmental driver prioritisation or leave this blank if it’s at the organisational level. This field should have been configured to reflect the divisions/departments – if not, you will need this configured by your Project Online Administrator.

Business drivers available for this prioritisation depend on the department selected. You should associate no more than seven to nine business drivers with a single department.

Select the Prioritisation Type. This is where you will select how driver priorities will be specified. There are two options here, in this instance we are choosing Calculated.

This is the recommended option, where you will rate the importance of each driver against each of the other drivers selected in the prioritisation. It is also known as ‘Pair-wise’ comparison. Calculated Prioritisations cannot be edited later as the priority grid will be automatically calculated.

NOTE: The prioritisation type cannot be changed after the prioritisation is saved and the driver ratings process begins.

Select the Drivers that you want to prioritise. Each driver will be rated against each of the other drivers to determine relative driver  importance. You can either select the drivers you want individually and click the right pointing arrow or click the right pointing double arrow to select all the drivers.

Click Next: Prioritise Drivers.

Select a rating for each of your driver prioritisations by clicking on the down arrow, then click Next Driver.

Rate the remaining drivers in the same way, before clicking Next Driver again.

Depending how many drivers remain, you may need to repeat this a few times before clicking

Review Priorities:

If you get the following warning, click to expand the Consistency Ratio for further information:


Click Previous: Prioritise Drivers to go back and review your ratings for each driver prioritisation.

Once this is done your driver prioritisations will have been automatically given a percentage figure for each driver, totaling 100% and this will be displayed:

NOTE: You will not be able to edit or delete a prioritisation after it is associated to a Portfolio Analyses.



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