INT001-How to Import/Export MS Project via SharePoint

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Sync MS Project via SharePoint

NOTE: This ‘How To’ assumes you are using Microsoft Project through your Computer profile login and not any other pre-saved profiles/sites.

From Microsoft Project, go to the File menu and select Save As.

On the left panel, choose Sync with SharePoint.

On the panel on the right, fill out all the fields/dropdowns. In the first drop-down, make sure to select Existing Site (since you are syncing to an existing site in SharePoint and not creating a new one).

In the Site Address field, paste the URL of the SharePoint Site. It must be a complete address, but just of the project site, not the task list.

Once you paste the URL, click on Verify Site. This checks if the site exists.

Once you have verified the site, all the available task web parts on that site will appear in the last drop-down. Choose the Specific Task List you will be syncing to. In most cases, there will be just one task list on a site.

Click Save.

Your Microsoft Project schedule will now synchronize to SharePoint.

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