Our Team

Youssef Mourra

Principal P3M Consultant
+64 (0)21 423 620
[email protected]

Youssef is a top of the line P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) Practitioner, Consultant, Trainer and Presenter who has developed approaches on how to control projects, programme, portfolios in organisations to help them achieve their strategic goals and aims.

He has delivered hundreds of training courses around the world on a wide variety of topics from keystroke training courses through to building capability in project and programme management through to managing priorities, presentation skills and negotiation skills. He delivers sessions to all groups within an organisation from the operational staff level through to the Board level. He works in all sectors and has trained in over 12 countries. He particularly enjoys converting complex materials or systems and turning them into accessible learning experiences.

He has developed a great reputation for training and presenting material in a manner that many people find engaging and occasionally entertaining.

Duncan Campbell

Principal PPM Consultant
+64 (0)21 190 9860
[email protected]

Duncan is a qualified Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in Project Management, with 14 years global experience in implementing Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online. Duncan worked for one of the world’s largest Project Management specialists, in both the United Kingdom and Australia and for the largest Project Server implementation company in Australasia. He has gained extensive experience international and NZ experience in the Automotive, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Primary, Construction, Government and Telecommunications industries.Since returning to NZ he has worked on one of the largest Project Server implementations in NZ, and built the development environment for one of New Zealand’s leading telecommunications companies. He is the Principal PPM Consultant at Nonsuch PPM and ensures that in collaboration with the client, we deliver the optimal solution in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

Paul Sutton

Principal Training Consultant
+64 (0)29 971 5128
[email protected]

Paul’s focus is on helping people and organisations develop effective business cases, run effective projects, programmes and portfolios, make the changes and realise the benefits at the end. To do this Paul works with a wide range of people and organisations with training, coaching, consulting and hands-on delivery. Paul combines an in-depth process knowledge with 30 years of pragmatic hands-on experience in all of these areas.

​Paul has a broad picture focus combined with strong analytical thinking. He is an excellent communicator and a dynamic and engaging presenter. As a result, he is able to give practical application to a huge range of questions and scenarios.

Vaas Conradie

Principal Consultant
+64 (0)21 683 013
[email protected]

Vaas is passionate about change. He provides leadership and 3P management of change initiatives. He takes pride in identifying and managing the critical unique aspects required to ensure project success. With over 20 years of experience up to executive level across education, manufacturing, and technology, Vaas has developed a deep and broad skill set required to manage most change initiatives, including: project management, programme management, portfolio management, change management, PMO creation and management, and PPM methodology and practice.

Trish Cleland

Principal Consultant
+64 (0)21 562 193
[email protected]

Trish has a long and strong background in project management in the IT banking, health and energy sectors. She has most recently worked in a senior role in a PMO and amongst other things led agile product development to deliver rapid improvement to key applications. Trish uses informed risk management and a transparent approach to inform her decision making thereby allowing her clients to move forward in an assured and successful way. Trish also has extensive experience in performing project audits, project rescues and knows how to manage diverse stakeholders. She has an eye for detail and yet can balance that out with big picture thinking as the situation requires.

Sarah Gill

Principal Consultant
+64 (0)27 603 1131
[email protected]

Sarah is a respected projects professional with a range of experience within the areas of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, customer service, organisational maturity and business improvement.

Sarah’s communication, analytical and leadership skills, support her ability to adapt to new environments, lead teams through complexities and deliver on business strategies.

Sarah’s skills have been proven roles spanning multiple sectors including, utilities, management consultancy,  agriculture, software and local Government. Sarah is passionate about lifting individual and organisational capability and supporting leaders to mature their teams and operating practices. Sarah places emphasis on transparency, quality, risk management and stakeholder engagement to ensure success.

Jenine Ritchie

Principal Consultant
+64 (0)21 860 325
[email protected]

Jenine has extensive experience in portfolio and project management alongside business analysis and IT Management. She comes with a proven track record within a wide range of national and international market sector organisations and local government. Jenine is results oriented with the ability to identify problems and potential solutions quickly.

Heather Stallmach

Principal Consultant
+64 (0)27 620 8008
[email protected]

Heather is an experienced consultant with a strong P3M (project, programme and portfolio management), continuous improvement, training and coaching background. She has worked across multiple sectors including finance, local government, iwi organisations, health, science and agriculture. She has a background in business improvement (Six Sigma & Lean) but has more recently been focused in the P3M space, helping clients implement and embed frameworks and methodologies. She has used her extensive training development and delivery skills to help these clients train staff on the new and improved processes and systems. Heather has a flair for continuous improvement and is always looking for ways to improve business processes, services & communication with clients to achieve better outcomes. Her attention to detail and organisational skills ensure her teams and customers know what needs to happen and when, and her calm and unflappable nature means that if things do go wrong, they are fixed with the minimum of fuss.

Bex Nicholls

Senior Consultant
+64 21 448 898
[email protected]

Bex Nicholls is a Senior Consultant and Practitioner with 15 years’ experience and leadership in the application of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management.

A recent and proven focus area is the mobilising of portfolio management and the strategic governance and planning that supports it. She believes that long term portfolio management success comes from establishing high performance work teams and aligning it with executive team commitment

Bex has delivered to some of New Zealand’s largest risk and change projects and has also reshaped and reenergised PMO. Experience has proven to Bex that an effective and efficient PMO adds value to an organisation through well designed, sustainable, and flexible governance and delivery frameworks.

Bex takes accountability and integrity seriously which means her planning and output is of high quality and is transparent to all key stakeholders

Deborah Donkin

Senior Consultant
+64 (0)27 477 3993
[email protected]

Deborah is a senior consultant and practitioner with over 20 years of experience in project and portfolio management spread across both the public and private sector, and multiple industries from health-care to banking. Her years in project and portfolio management have allowed her to gain a wealth of experience from project delivery, project set up; benefits, risk, and change management; delivery of project and portfolio frameworks; and development of training materials and process documentation. With a forward focus on what’s coming next and an emphasis on engaging with stakeholders Deborah takes a pragmatic approach leading successful projects.

Philippa Salvesen

Senior Consultant
+64 (0)21 194 4929
[email protected]

Philippa (Pip) is a highly experienced PMO professional and consultant with over 12 years’ experience in project, programme, and portfolio delivery. She has worked across an array of companies in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, in various sectors from Financial Services to Technology Services and Government. Philippa can adapt and align to the ways of working within a company to produce positive and impactful uplift of project, programme, and portfolio delivery. Philippa excels in effective communication and stakeholder management throughout all scenarios no matter the level of pressure applied. She prides herself on her ability to build strong relationships over a short time period to ensure the delivery of the right change at the right time. Philippa’s experience and willingness to take on challenges no matter how big or small enables her to deliver impactful change in an organisation.

Cheryl Kelly

Senior Consultant
+64 (0)21 772 750
[email protected]

Cheryl is an outstanding and high performing project manager and consultant who has over 25 years’ experience delivering projects, programmes and leading and support project offices. She has worked in a number of countries and worked in various sectors from Financial Services to Government to Utilities and many others. Cheryl delivers high level project communications and stakeholder management consistently and, in all circumstances, and situations. She walks the talk and this makes her a very valuable asset to those who govern her and to those who are managed by her. Cheryl is the perfect balance between pragmatism (the ability to bend and flex to suit the requirements of the situation or the project) and professionalism (the hard nosed application of years of project management experience and formal training and knowledge). This approach combined with her almost surreal sunny disposition means that she carries teams of people with her through the change process and provides a clear negotiable pathway for others to follow with confidence.

Jacques du Toit

Senior Consultant
+64 (0)27 463 0157
[email protected]

Jacques has more than 30 years’ project & program management, professional services consulting, leadership & management, experience with organizations in the Professional Services-, ICT-, the Public Sector-, Defence-, Financial Services-, Mobile Telecommunications-, and Transport- sectors. Jacques is a leader, and a good communicator with high E.Q. who believes in achieving results through the building high-performing teams. Jacques’s clients says that they value especially the fact that he builds enduring relationships with the people he works with, and he gets things done! Jacques holds a master’s degree – MBL (‘Master of Business Leadership’). He follows a successful personal strategy of continuously investing in the skills and capabilities of others, and his own.

Jacques volunteers his time assisting new immigrants to New Zealand to assimilate faster by building an affinity for their new adopted country. He loves ‘social cooking’, once in 1995 spend three minutes with Nelson Mandela, and can tell you about the time he had to sleep in a tree because a lion wanted to have him for dinner!

Kirsty Bennett

+64 (0)21 061 5702
[email protected]

Kirsty runs projects for Nonsuch Consulting Services to ensure Nonsuch Consulting Services remains ‘ship shape’. Kirsty takes the lead on all our internal continuous improvements to our systems, processes, approaches and ensures that all our team has the best possible tools and support they need to be successful.
Kirsty project manages all of Nonsuch Consulting Services’ events and gets support from the whole team to ensure they are successful.

Amber McKinnon

+64 (0)27 515 1383
[email protected]

Amber is an experienced coordinator who has years of experience working on projects and programmes delivering a wide variety of outputs and outcomes. Amber has for the past year focused her efforts on honing these coordinator skills and is looking to develop her project management experience. Watch her carefully, she’ll be a qualified project manager before too long!

Dommy Sutherland

+64 (0)21 656 351
[email protected]

Dommy is responsible for our overall sales and marketing approach which includes; social media, sales literature, branding, campaigns, and everything in between for both internal and external stakeholders.

Hazel Jones

Technical Consultant
+64 (0)27 292 2324
[email protected]

Hazel(nut) is a product of The School of Life (Alain de Botton version, if we’re allowed to make endorsements…) and a great believer in common sense and common decency. This has stood her in good stead in her life and career, which stems from a wealth of general administration; starting in customer service and progressing through to EA, Project Coordinator, Scheduler and now SPAT (Senior Project Analyst and Trainer ) – with a few other less interesting things thrown in along the way. She has a great mix of Government, Local Government, Education and private enterprise experience and is focussed on cutting through what is available to what is actually required and will be used to provide better efficiency and capability for clients. One of her many claims to fame is that her former name is still recorded on the Hansard scripts from her time as “the other Helen C” in Parliament.


Gemma Paton

Head of Operations
+64 (0)22 190 5442
[email protected]

Gemma is an experience administrator and has worked across multiple sectors including education, agriculture, viticulture and the oil and gas. Her office knowledge is forever growing and her attention to detail and organisation sees her eager to build new client relationships and help out wherever she is needed. Gemma is looking to expand her Project Administration skills, watch this space she’ll be a Project Consultant in no time!

Rachel Ireland

Head of Resourcing
+64 (0)21 423 621
[email protected]

Rachel has extensive recruiting experience across multiple sectors in Australia, the UK, and her native New Zealand. Her work history includes developing resourcing strategies for large corporations, conducting executive search at the GM level, sourcing and selecting sales teams, and identifying the right technical and cultural fit candidates for organisations. Rachel treats customers and candidates with high standards of honesty, integrity, and regular communications, with an absolute commitment to do her very best always. Her role is to look for the best team players to join the Nonsuch ‘Family’ to help Nonsuch provide the best solutions for its clients


Janene Bailey

Head of Financial Operations
+64 (0)27 224 6009
[email protected]

Janene supports the team and ensures they meet their commitments and obligations to each other and to our clients. She helps organise travel, diaries and keeps Nonsuch Training running smoothly with no hiccups

Hannah Charles

Head of Organisational Development
+64 (0)21 0290 2947
[email protected]

Hannah is motivated to create great workplaces that generate high engagement, productivity and performance which are necessary elements for business success. As an experienced organisation development practitioner with over 20+ experience, Hannah has a background in organisational psychology and a deep understanding of the essential organisational systems required to motivate and engage people to perform at their best. A pragmatic operator coupled with a passion for improving work life and culture is fundamental to the success in her work. Hannah is a collaborative, positive and approachable person to work with and is a valuable asset to the Nonsuch team.

Kirsten Anderson

Digital Marketing Specialist
+64 (0)22 087 7354
[email protected]

Kirsten is an experienced PPM consultant who has worked on a number of engagements at Nonsuch PPM. She works as part of the team that implements our Rapid offerings of Microsoft Project Online.

Ady Hill

Training Administrator
+64 (0)27 630 2368
[email protected]

Ady is focused on ensuring that you have the very best training experience with Nonsuch Training, from registration and all the way through to the completion of your course