Process Improvement

Ensuring your processes are delivering what you and your customers need is a key part of every successful business. Process improvement techniques are aimed at getting more out of what you’ve got by ensuring your processes are operating as efficiently as possible and delivering to your customer needs every time.

What is Process Improvement?

Process Improvement is all about understanding:

  • What your customers want
  • What you’re currently doing
  • How you could do it better

It’s about changing the way you do things to meet your customer needs.

Process improvement starts with understanding and measuring your end-to-end processes, analysing what’s happening in your processes within and across teams and then working together to identify, test and implement improvements. Making sure your improvements are embedded and controlled ensures your hard work is not wasted.

Implementing an overarching continuous improvement culture will lead to change in not just your individual processes and teams, but also the way people work, the way they think about what they’re doing and why.

Why is Process Improvement important?

No matter your industry, your processes need to be as efficient as possible. Satisfying your customers (both internal and external) by consistently delivering them what they want, is what can set an organisation or team apart.

Regular, repeatable processes are where great efficiencies can be found, but there is also value in using process improvement experts to help you set up new processes to ensure you are getting things right from the start.

Process Improvement at Nonsuch

At Nonsuch we utilise a number of different process improvement tools and techniques to ensure our solutions are targeted to your situation. We like to think of our range of methodologies as a tool box – we choose the right tools to help you solve whatever process issues you’re having.

Our consultants have years of experience across a range of industries and can help you implement improvement programmes across organisations or teams, or drill down on an individual process.

Process improvement shouldn’t be complex, but it’s sometimes hard to lift your head out of doing the process and think about improving the process. That’s where a consultant can help. We’ll ask the right questions to understand what your customers want and need from your process and how you might better deliver to those needs.

As well as being trained in Six Sigma and Lean, our consultants can help you implement the people change side of process improvement using the Prosci® Change Management Methodology which is commonly known as ADKAR.

How we can help you

At Nonsuch we have trained process improvement consultants who can provide full process improvement support or work with you to build your own process improvement capability within the organisation.