Training Courses

We all need training on something at some point in our lives. At Nonsuch Training we understand that training is only one ingredient in building capability for you, your people and your organisation. Our success can be attributed to our desire and ability to understand your organisation’s desired outcomes for capability or knowledge transfer. With that understanding, we then work back from that point to establish what levels of change management, coaching, mentoring, communication, on-the-job training and other interventions are required to build strong long lasting capability. This helps us ensure our training successfully contributes to you achieving the uplift in capability and productivity you seek.

Our trainers don’t just train, they transfer their expertise gathered through real life experiences from years of consulting and training with private and public sector firms in New Zealand and overseas. This ensures the training experience is as close to the real thing as possible, whether it be face to face or online. This approach coupled with our experience has resulted in us having delivered hundreds of courses to many happy clients.

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Our Courses

We draw on our current and past experience to create memorable and impactful training courses and experiences to help achieve your stated outcomes.