Traction: Video-led Training

Nonsuch is working with a number of clients to produce a set of training tools that allows its customers to prepare, train and support their implementations with a suite of online videos. By developing and producing highly customised videos Nonsuch ‘Traction’ will reduce the overall cost of face-to-face training, improve ‘on-boarding’ of new starters, improve internal communication and reduce the on-going cost of support. The solution is called ‘Traction’ because it improves the overall user adoption rates of new technology deployments.

Within the Traction solution, there are three types of video that prepare, train and support users through change programmes.

Watch this video to learn more:

  1. Prepare (internal comms) – let people know that the new solution is coming, and promote its features/benefits. This also helps demystify the new system, for instance, what it looks like, and can help minimise potential resistance.
  2. Train – demonstrate everything that user needs to know before using the systems in a basic way at ‘go live’. Usually we would create a ‘Getting Started’ video for all users, and one or more role-specific videos for additional knowledge requirements for selected roles. These videos tend to be presenter led, simulating a classroom environment.
  3. Support – (how-to videos) – these are short ‘screen-recordings-with-voiceover’ videos, on exactly how to perform specific tasks. The idea here is that we create ‘modular’ videos and integrate them into the system, so that users can learn exactly what they need to know, when they need to know it. This is sometimes referred to as ‘just-in-time’ learning and it’s been proven that we learn best when we immediately use what we learn in a real-world scenario.